Sia Abrasives – Environment – Quality – People

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Group Sia Headquartered in Frauenfeld, Switzerland  and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced materials. The Group develops, manufactures and markets complete grinding systems, customized to specific requirements and applications for the treatment of all types of surfaces. Sanding has become an important surface treatment industry.

Sia Abrasives employs approximately 1,250 people worldwide and is represented by local partners in more than 80 countries. That is why, for Sia Abrasives, Problem about environmentquality and human always comes first:

  • Firstly, We operate environmentally friendly production, handle waste proficiently and in accordance with regulations. For many years now, Sia was concerned about how to use energy efficiently as well as committed itself to protecting the environment. We currently employ a variety of solutions in our manufacturing processes to protect the air, soil and water. We use energy and input resources efficiently and carefully. By participating in the program < > (Energy for Industry), we are voluntarily committed to improving energy efficiency and reducing CO emissionsas part of daily activities. Act as a < >, we protect nature by not dumping untreated industrial wastewater into the public sewer system. Weekly analysis of the extra amount of industrial wastewater to ensure that the wastewater quality meets the specified values, and to determine the cleanliness level of the wastewater.
  • Besides, Asia abrasives Constantly monitoring incoming materials, setting quality standards quantity. We produce top quality products thanks to careful monitoring throughout the production process. The premium features of Sia products bring great value to customers. We select the input materials and suppliers carefully and strictly follow the criteria. Relying on long-term partnerships as well as continuous testing of incoming materials, we ensure a selection of good quality, reliable and defect-free products. Our in-house process management system (PMS) documents and improves critical procedures and allows direct intervention in the production process where it is needed. With this system, we were able to run the opportunity-management program effectively as promised.
  • Besides, Sia Abrasives Created a safe and healthy workplace for employees. We set standards for accident prevention and create a safe working environment. People's health has always been an extremely important issue in our working culture. We develop products that effectively support our customers to maintain their health. Sia There are finished products that are tested for dust formation by the Swiss Accident Insurance Fund (SUVA). The results are impressive: lowest dust emissions compared to competitor products.